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Leading suppliers of overt and covert activity training, providing highly qualified and experienced training around the world

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Train Smarter. Not Harder.

Welcome to The Training Consultants Ltd, one of the UK's most established and leading suppliers of accredited intelligence and investigative skills training, spanning the entire spectrum of overt and covert activity.

Over 300,000 delegates have been trained by us and we are trusted by hundreds of organisations, including UK and overseas Police Services, public sector organisations and prisons to deliver their specialist training. We also train high profile regulatory authorities, companies and commercial organisations.

We will provide you and your staff with the most up to date, relevant, useful and effective courses available. We all work differently and we work with you to ensure the in house training you receive is not only fit for purpose but delivered in such a way that is immediately transferrable to the workplace and meets your operational requirements.

Put simply, we do the heavy lifting regards the legislation and regulation which means you don't have to.

We are now offering a large number of courses via virtual training but enquire how we can best satisfy your training needs.

Update on COVID-19 and other variants on the training services provided by Bond Solon / The Training Consultants

As we all know, Covid 19 is having an impact on every service and business worldwide. Firstly, our support and heartfelt thanks go to those responsible for keeping us safe and to the other essential and critical services.

Here at Bond Solon we are working hard, in accordance with the regulations, to continue to provide our business as usual wherever we can, including the delivery of training. Whilst we are still offering face-to-face training, we have used the last few months as an opportunity to convert a large amount of our portfolio to be capable of being delivered virtually and we are pleased to share with you that the feedback we have received has been excellent.

There are of course, some training events that cannot be run without face-to-face interaction, but with your help we are thinking around those to ensure that you and your colleagues remain operationally competent. Where the requirement is for face-to-face training, we will work closely with our clients to develop viable solutions and we really are, here to help.
We look forward to continuing to work with our existing clients and welcoming new clients in 2021.

Thank you from the Bond Solon Training Team
(Updated February 2021)

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Whistleblowing is the term used when a worker passes on information concerning wrongdoing, this is called “making a disclosure” or “blowing the whistle”.
Learn how to manage them here

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Investigative Interviewing

The cornerstone of any investigation is being able to manage conversations and interviews with those we seek to get information from.
Offender or witness, we can develop your skills here

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Intelligence Training including Open Source Research

Intelligence underpins all operational activities and creates lines of enquiry. We can train you to be an effective operator in the Intelligence arena.

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Intelligence Training

Covert, CHIS & Surveillance Training

Nevermore so than now has the requirement for any covert activity to be managed correctly. The tactics, the legality, ethics and the practical implications of covert investigation techniques are all taught here

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Investigative Skills for Managers

Being able to supervise and manage investigations and enquiries is a difficult skill set to master, especially if you are new to an are of work. these courses are designed to help you on your path

Press here to learn more about managing Investigations

Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996 (new codes), Data Protection Act 2018

CPIA has seen some major changes in the last few years and is now explicit on what it expects from all parties involved in a prosecution - it can be a minefield if not approached correctly, so let us help you find your way here

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CPIA Training

Regulation of Investigatory Powers including Scotland, Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man

Knowing and applying the rules and regulations for covert activity drives the ethical pursuance of lines of enquiry, learning to recognise and apply these rules is found here

Press here to learn more about Regulatory Powers Training

Courtroom skills for all investigators and specialisms

Saying the right thing at the right time, calmly and professionally to ensure delivery of right message takes practice and training, whether that be in court or any other tribunal, either way, we will show you how

Press here to learn more about Courtroom and Media Training

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