Investigative Interviewing

We offer the entire range of interview skills training for interviewing victims, witnesses and suspects. Starting your journey from an ‘Introduction to Investigative Interviewing’ our experienced trainers will develop and enhance your skills in all areas and disciplines concluding in specialist and advanced PEACE-based interview courses. The training is delivered by subject matter expert trainers providing a 'real world' learning experience.

Our products are designed to form part of a career pathway and help to develop your skills as you progress.

Many of our courses are also externally accredited and can lead to the award of a formal qualification.

Investigative Interviewing for Suspect or Offender

Being able to conduct ethical interview of suspects and offenders in the correct manner is absolutely crucial no matter what the type of investigation being conducted and if the interview is to support a criminal investigation, then the interview MUST be conducted in accordance with the relevant legislation and current case law.

This training is delivered as 2-day modules, one module for interviewing suspects and the other for interviewing witnesses. This training builds on the 2-day Bond Solon Investigative Interviewing course and are designed to take your skills as investigators to the next level.

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Investigative Interviewing for Witness and Victims.

The transparent, auditable and ethical interviewing of witnesses and victims is essential to the prosecution case and, although not governed by legislation as with suspects, working to best practice specialist manuals ensures the victim or witness is dealt with in accordance with witness and victim charters.

This course is designed to provide students with the skills, understanding and confidence to auditably interview witnesses using the conversational management technique.

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