Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act Training (RIPA, RIPSA, RIPL)

We offer a range of courses that cover all roles and responsibilities within the suite of the Investigatory Powers legislation from awareness through to Authorising Officer and Senior Responsible Offices. All legislation is covered including UK, Scotland and Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

We offer these courses as in-house, i.e. just your organisation, but we also offer 'public courses' ie courses open to any organisation and designed to cater for the small numbers of staff that would be insufficient to fill an inhouse course of 12-16 delegates. Many are run virtually

All courses listed below are shown as RIPA purely for ease but also include RIPA, RIPSA and RIPL.

Many of our courses are designed to provide of a career pathway of training, developing your skills into a variety of specialisms as you progress through the organisation.

Many of our courses are also externally accredited and can lead to the award of a formal qualification.

Introduction to Intelligence

This training is designed for anyone who needs to have an awareness of RIPA and the various activities that can be conducted. The training looks at RIPA and applies the practical issues to be considered as to whether the activity needs to be authorized before undertaking it.

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